NHA Workshops

All programs/ workshops are specially customized based on clients’ needs abreast with Napoleon Hill’s success principles. Depending on the audience’s background and concerns, we are constantly reorganizing the course contents to suit contemporary needs of individuals/corporations.

Certificate of completion is awarded to all who have completed the course


 Interactive Learning. The training program is integrated with case studies, games, video-clips, group projects, lively presentations and discussion lectures
 Exercises on recognizing the principles, ideas and techniques learnt, relating them to establish value-based relationship in their personal and work environment
 Assimilating them into their thinking and action and consequently applying them as a natural follow through in daily life.

List of workshops
1. Mind Garden
2. Think and Grow Rich
3. Magic Ladder to Success Habitizing Program
4. Igniting Leadership Performance Excellence
5. Teamwork for Maximizing Productivity and Creativity
6. Ways to Win People to Your Way of Thinking
7. Customer Service for Extraordinary Result

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