Igniting Leadership Performance Excellence

Program Overview
To lead individuals and work teams to perform with excellence to achieve the desired goals of the company by applying the 3 key principles of Napoleon Hill Hill’s Law of Success, i.e. Definite Major Purpose, Master Mind Alliance and Personal Mental Attitude.

Course Content

i. Recognize the major Attributes and Failures of Leadership in the 21stCentury.
ii. Develop your Definite Major Purpose as the starting point of all achievement
iii. Establish a Master Mind Alliance consisting of an affiliation of two or more minds working in perfect harmony to achieve permanent success with the cooperation of others
iv. Attain a Positive Mental Attitude to focus on changing your thoughts into the positive, successful ones that will bring you the success and opportunity you desire.
2 days workshop (8 hours/day)
Target Group
Entrepreneurs, Corporate and Business Leaders, Directors, Senior Managers, Manager, Supervisors.
Training Fee
Contact us for training fee for individual/corporate program.

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