Magic Ladder to Success Habitizing Program

Program Overview
To develop maximum productivity and develop character of enduring success through forming and developing success habits.
Open up and enhance the participants’ limiting beliefs and habits.
Make them aware of the application of soft-skills and of the habits needed for success.
Put the responsibility back into the hands of the participants to be self-accountable for motivating themselves to Success.

Course Content

  • Definite Chief Aim
  • Master Mind Alliance
  • Self-Confidence
  • Habit of Saving
  • Initiative and Leadership
  • Imagination
  • Enthusiasm
  • Self-Control
  • Habit of Doing More than Paid for (Going the Extra Mile)
  • Pleasing Personality
  • Tolerance
  • Accurate Thinking
  • Concentration
  • Profiting from Failure
  • Cooperation
  • The Golden Rule
  • Habit of Health

4 days workshop (8 hours/day)

Target Group
Entrepreneurs, Corporate and Business Leaders, Directors, Senior Managers, Manager, Supervisors..
Training Fee
Contact us for training fee for individual/corporate program.

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