NHA Youth Program

Youth Camp 2014
The Seeds of Success Youth Camp 2014 turned out to be a blast as it was illuminated by a group of vibrant youth in the resplendent wilderness in Janda Baik, Pahang. The Camp, coloured with new experiences such as sleeping in the tent, dipping into running river, engaging the natives, filled us all with tremendous joy.
The Camp aimed to educate and guide young adults through Napoleon Hill’s success philosophies via classroom and outdoor activities. It also emphasized on learning from one another as everyone is given the opportunity to think, speak, and share what have been taught throughout the camp.

The venue, Sailor’s Rest Resort, pleased us with its tranquil and variegated surrounding. Besides that, inhabitants in the “orang asli” village not too far from the campsite gave us the chance to explore their lifestyle and to embrace their hospitality towards us.

Once we arrived at the camp site, we started with a great meal, where the campers ate to their hearts’ content. Syahmi and Syafiqah were trying to poke the potato with a straw! Oh wait, is that possible? Syahmi did it! We included various learn-by-doing activities based on the “Recognize, Relate, Assimilate, Apply” formula. Having good health is still the most precious asset one can ever possess. That is why we enabled exercise/ workout throughout our program.

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