Attract Men and Money

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“He (Napoleon) hadn’t a dollar left, but she (Rosa Lee) married him, blended her mind and heart with his – through a peculiar, little-understood, and never-taught (until now) art of Sex-Transmutation.”
So, it is with the magic formula shared in her book, Rosa Lee assists Napoleon in making a come-back by jointly authoring the greatest self-help motivational book of all time – Think and Grow Rich. Her book, How to Attract Men and Money, is a mixture of a romantic, self-help sex manual for married – and those hoping to be married women – who desire to keep the flame of romance burning. In addition, detailed case studies are included that relate how things can and do go wrong in relationships and ways and means to correct them before the ink dries on the divorce papers. Rosa Lee was ahead of her time in both her outlook and advice to those seeking marital counseling.
ISBN: 978-983-3639-23-6

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