Teamwork For Maximizing Productivity And Creativity

Program Overview
To achieve Teamwork for Maximizing Productivity with willing cooperation and coordination of effort to achieve a common goal by applying the 3 key principles of Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success, i.e. Teamwork, Positive Mental Attitude and Pleasing Personality.

Course Content

i. Define Teamwork, its importance and benefits to a Company
ii. Perform in the spirit of Teamwork by Consensus and Reciprocity with willing cooperation and collaborative effort.
iii. Attain a Positive Mental Attitude to focus on changing your thoughts into the positive, successful ones that will bring success to your team
iv. Demonstrate a Pleasing Personality as your trademark for self-confidence, self-respect and self-esteem in supporting team efforts.

2 days workshop (8 hours/day)
Target Group
Any level in any organization
Training Fee
Contact us for training fee for individual/corporate program.

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